by Juno Day

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released January 21, 2013

Zac Halbrook - piano, keyboards, vocals
Tom Hughes - bass
Mike Mahoney - drums, percussion
Chris McKenna - guitars, vocals

All songs written by Zac Halbrook and Chris McKenna; arranged by Juno Day.
Recorded, engineered and mixed by Zach Goldstein at Kawari Sound.
Mastered by Paul J. Geissinger at the Royal Bank of Starkville.
Album artwork by Marjorie Devereux


all rights reserved



Juno Day Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Juno Day was born on a winding, naranja-filled street in Seville, Spain. The date was May 1, 2007. It was a Tuesday. Chris and Zac were walking back from the centro, en route to Ana's apartment on Calle Enladrillada. They reminisced about Antonio, The Cranberries, and their nascent dream of making music together. That's when the Universe spoke, and Chris wrote it down in a Five Star notebook. ... more

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Track Name: Delphi
Can’t remember what we came here for
The summer still precedes us like folklore
We knew the only way to fly was to let go and try
But then we stumbled upon Tuesday and only wondered why
And all the “what if” conversation was quickly running dry
So now ours is a flag with no wind

Can’t remember what we stayed here for
Options are decreasing, that’s for sure
We flew to California thinking that we’d set sail
And all the prophecy foretold that we could not fail
But then we came ashore in Delphi and chased our tail
And we found no Aeloian wind

All these things
Recollect my dreams
Every passing day
Takes them farther away
Track Name: Up
“Le mont” is calling
You were here before you
Knew how to find it
So help us find it
You’ve got nowhere left to run to

It’s just another day at the park
It’s just another talk with yourself
As for truth, I think I’ll find it alone
But then you show me that I’m lonely
And I crawl my way back home
To you

You get up
You get up
You get…

It’s just another scene I’ll abhor
As for love, you know I’m looking for more
In ascending, I must leave you behind
One last look goodbye, you start to cry
But say that you don’t mind
Do you?
Track Name: Monorail
Sit inside today
Because I've forgotten how to play
Paralyzed by choice
Even I don't know my voice
But when I say that nothing's wrong
Nothing's wrong, nothing's wrong
Nothing's wrong, nothing's wrong
Nothing's wrong...

Nothing's ever as it seems
I live inside a temporal dream
So wake me up at last
I realize that this, too, shall pass
But in the meantime show me proof
I distract myself, I remain aloof
Make up for all I lack
The Apple Store is a golden calf

We deify, consume
If there's an elephant that's in the room
It's probably pink, looks like a friend
Invited guest of all the ends we seek

Everything's in hand
I guess we do this just because we can
What else would we do?
Go off in search of something "true"?
But the practical / ideal
When we evolve, will we still feel?
Everything's at hand
I guess we all just do the best we can

As long as I get paid
In the end I'm happy if I'm getting laid
And as for truth
I'd rather comfort than to suffer that pursuit
I defer everything I might become

Dreams are on the shelf
So I seek outside myself
In the absence of my joy
I'm pacified with brand new toys
But I'm not sure there's a point
If I can do more but be less
And if there's no way I can die
Even life is second best

Well I have little doubt
As we kill ourselves we're finding out
Just what this really means
Realize that we're running out of scenes
And then we're gone
Track Name: Dogwalker
It’s all under control
Track Name: Knead
I don’t want your love
I don’t need your love
Track Name: Chasing Two Rabbits
Watching others live your dream
Take the ore found in the seam
I hope that we don't move too fast
Let's take it slow, let's make it last

Couldn't prioritize
Now I'm way inside the lines
Retail clerk resign
I want a million dollar prime

All we have is hope
Come wash your eyes with soap
You know I found a second boat
Deluded we elope

Suddenly find that I
Made no choice at all
Now whether right or wrong
I decide
Track Name: Tuesday
Nomads today
With a map and compass to lead the way
There’s no desert here
No freight trains and no clean air
Targets out of range
Scared suspicious, avoiding change
Solitary door
We beat our chests, but we’re insecure

So just don’t forget
To honor that
Of which you were
It’s all a blur…
And where I’m from
And all I’ve done
Well, it’s all lost
With the starting gun

Such a lovely sight
The North Star is a neon light
All variables known
Button-down, fist-pump, thriving throne
Only clones and cans
Basement daze and cover bands
Four years and we say,
“We loved the bar but we could not stay”

I wish I hadn’t worried so much
(It’s only Tuesday anyway)
Track Name: Give

just kidding
Track Name: Foxhole in Winter
Foxhole in winter
But still you are safe
You come home to feed
But you still can’t escape
Snow falling slowly
In the woods, you find peace
Still for a moment
Recall memories

Don’t think about what could have been
Just focus on the snow

Foxhole in winter
I know we have far
But we’ll take the hill
With our Tennessee Jar
Just like a child
In war is where you live
If you’re still alive
You’ve got something to give

I know you’re scared that we might die
Just embrace uncertainty
When we unlearn the greatest lie
We’ll be finally free

Come here my brother
And I’ll make you safe
We’ll fight this together
We’ll make our escape
I know we’re entrenched
But we’ll still find a way
We’ll turn on the hunter
He’ll now be our prey
Track Name: Legos
I woke up
You were here
By my side
It’s my favorite dream

Last week we watched
Home movies of
Me down in the basement
Legos on the floor

Did this boy know
At five years old
What he might build then
And when he would give it up?

Built a fort
Hid there for a
While before he left and then
Finally tore it down

What will my kids think when they see
Pictures of this semi-mountain?
Daddy still had hair when he was
Standing at the Trevi Fountain
Maybe he had dreamt an ocean
Far too great for them to pass it
Once an empire now a relic
All these words they never lasted

When I worry
Though we don’t fight
Are we fated like the rest?
Does this ever last?

Maybe it will end
Six years might pass
I’ll find you again and then
Pick the pieces up
Track Name: Chauvet
Every night I dream of a light not seen by day
Casting shadows on the wall in an endless phantom masquerade
My primary means will keep me forlorn 'til I'm a starving grape
Full of vim and essence, this moment is the only place we can escape

Paint my reveries all over these walls for them to see

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